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AMAZING event decor, centrepieces, lighting, effects, props, event stuff, bars and dance floors
1) Table Lights, Lamps and Illuminated Centrepieces ...MORE?
2) Bubble Bar, Bubble DJ Booth and Bubble Lectern ...MORE?
3) Impressive Ceiling Lighting Props and Decor ...MORE?
4) Illuminated Light Up LED Disco Dance Floor ...MORE?
5) Floor Standing Lights, Lamps and Effects ...MORE?
6) Hanging Lights and Effects, Chandeliers, Ceiling Lamps ... MORE?
7) Lighting Effects For Walls, Floors and Ceilings ...MORE?
8) Effects Projections for Buildings, Walls and Ceilings ...MORE?
9) Architectural, Garden and Outdoor Lighting ...MORE?
We have every element of your event set up to help you create a really
amazing event. This includes stuff for TABLES, DANCE FLOORS, BARS

Please CONTACT US if you are looking for something specific as we are
constantly adding to our range of exciting decorative lighting and effects
for events. If you need it we can get it from anywhere in the world.
  1 - Table Lights and Illuminated Centrepieces - with cordless technology
All these table effects run on BATTERIES and use LED LIGHTING technology so there's no messy cables.
LED Light
Table Lamps
Table Lamps
Disco LED
Classic LED
Sea Shells
Serving Trays
Funky multicolour
mirrorball with
lighting ...MORE?
Two sized
mirrorballs with
lighting ...MORE?
Beautiful lit up
sea shell creation
Waiter tray to
light up drinks
Very impressive
LED Light Tree
Modern & stylish
designer lamps
Traditional style
with different
shades ...MORE?
Tall Table
Glass Bead
Animal Lamps
Flame Light
Flame Light
Glow Ball
LED Light
Colour LED
White LED
Lots of African
animals available
Colour changing or
natural flames
Tall flame light
effect with natural
or colour ...MORE?
Perspex ball with
lots of LED lights
Branches of LED
lights splash out
Lots of white LED
lights cascade
down ...MORE?
Red, green and
blue LED uplighter
Simple white LED
uplighter for most
jobs ...MORE?
  2 - Bubble Bar / Bubble DJ Booth / Bubble Lectern - real bubbles and water
Bubbles rise through water tanks. Lit with a remote control LED colour changing system. The ultimate in modern event styling.
There is nothing like the beautiful
ambience of bubbles and water.
The bubbles can be switched to
any colour or programmed to
scroll through different colours.
Available in different shaped bars.
This product will be a huge hit at
your next event.

  3 - Impressive Ceiling Lighting Props and Decor
We offer the WOW FACTOR for creating impressive ceiling decor creations. Fill high ceiling with shape, form, light and sculpture.
  Choose from a large range
of shapes to fill your ceiling.

The range includes spheres
stars, pendulums, sputniks
beach balls, jellyfish, dolphins
and more.

We specialise in high density
ceiling transformations.
  4 - LED Dance Floor - a dance floor which lights up and changes colour to the music
The whole floor flashes and changes colour creating a spectacular lightshow under your feet.
Have you experienced the thrill of dancing on an LED dance floor?
The LED dance floor concept has caused a sensation around the world and is now taking events in
South Africa by storm.

Over 1000 LED lights, 4096 colours, infinite sequences ...the best parties ever!
An LED dance floor will be a massive hit at your event It will make your event the most talked about
for a long time.
Guests go crazy when this amazing dance floor is switched on.

  5 - Floor Standing Lighting and Effects - great for indoors and amazing outdoors
Create beautiful ambient lighting in as well as interesting lighting 'sculptures' for all types of events.
Tusk Lights
Cone Lights
Light Columns
Baobab Trees
Palm Trees
4 meters high African
elephant tusks with bright
internal lighting ...MORE?
2.5 and 5 meters high
Cone shaped lights for a
slick modern feel ...MORE?
3.5 meters high
Tall 'tube' shaped lights
in any colour ...MORE?
5 meters high
Impressive Baobab tree
lighting sculpture ...MORE?
4.5 meters high
Impressive palm tree
lighting sculpture
The Dome - Unique Modern Entertainment Structure - New
Beautiful and unusual lighting for today's events
Our floor standing lights can be used both indoors and outdoors.
The new inflatable decor concept has taken South Africa by storm.
These interesting 'lighting sculptures' create attention wherever they are used.
They create a bright 360 degree light around them and can light up big areas.
They beautifully light up venues, pathways, entrances, gardens and big spaces.
All these lights are colour-changing, so you can choose the colours to suite
your theme or mood.
These modern lighting effects use the latest Inflatable Air Technology.
Our range of inflatable offer some exciting event decor options.

Dome Size:
8 meters diameter, 4 meters high

This is a modern and highly innovative
event product. The whole dome glows
brightly creating an incredible effect.
The Dome can be used as a lounge or bar
as well as a dance floor or launch venue.
A car or 4x4 will fit into the dome

  6 - Hanging Lighting and Effects - totally transform high ceilings
Impressive ceiling decor and with a range of modern lanterns, chandeliers and lighting shapes.
Star Light Chandeliers
Ball Chandeliers
Light Up Love Hearts
Glowing Sputniks
Sizes: 1.5m and 2.5m
12 pointed 3D star with
internal lighting ...MORE?
Sizes: 0.5, 1, 1.5 & 2m
...sphere shape with
internal lighting ...MORE?
Size: 1.5m diameter
...big red love heart with
internal lighting ...MORE?
Size: 2m - 4m diameter
...bright abstract colour
mixed shapes...MORE?

An ambient lighting solution for
creating beautifully lit venues

All these lighting effects create light
as well as looking amazing.

Like a giant chandelier in a room
these hanging lights can light up a
room beautifully.

You can also bring colour into your
venue as all these hanging lights
can be lit any colour.

Create our own exclusive
designer chandeliers

All these lighting shapes can be
clustered into different chandelier
shapes to create your own
beautiful and unusual chandeliers.

Use these designer chandeliers to
fill those big empty ceilings.

We can fill ceiling spaces up to thirty
metres high with some impressive
and modern lighting creations.

Beach Balls Lanterns
Pendulum Chandeliers
Light Up Dolphins
Light Up Jellyfish
Size: 1.5m diameter
...big 'beach ball' lantern
for day or night
Size: 2.5m long
...stylish 'stalactite' shaped
hanging lantern ...MORE?
Size: 4m long
...giant dolphins swimming
through the air ...MORE?
Size: 2m x 5m tall
Giant multi colour
illuminated jellyfish ...MORE?

Exciting lighting options for high ceiling venues
We can offer you lots of options to help fill those big empty ceilings with some exciting and different
lighting effects. Ceiling are sometimes difficult to decorate properly because of height. It is also hard
to create the right lighting as this is the main source of light in a venue. Our products are combined
decor and lighting so you are creating a visual spectacle of light, colour and shapes, that will look
impressive suspended above. Guests will look up in amazement at your amazing ceiling decor.

Exclusive Designer Chandeliers
  7 - Lighting Effects For Walls, Floors and Ceilings - lots of impressive effects
Choose from a wide selection of products to create some interesting and spectacular effects that will transform a venue.
LED Star Canopy
LED Starcloths
LED Carpets
LED Strip Lights
LED Signs
...a beautiful starry night
effect for ceilings, bedouins or
outdoor areas ...MORE?
...black fabric draping panels
with LED 'stars' embedded
into the fabric ...MORE?
...red, green and blue
LED entrance carpets
...LED Strip Lights offer
endless decor light effects
...bright eye catching signs
for events
LED Uplighters
Ceiling Colour Washes
Pendant Lighting
LED Star Light Tunnel
We stock a large range
of LED lighting effects
that can add some exciting
elements to your event.

LED lighting can create
some interesting and
eye catching effects.

Some of our LED lighting
effects run on batteries
for your convenience.

Try some new LED effects.

...battery operated uplighters for plants, walls or any
feature in your event
Lighting for general spaces
including stages, ceilings
walls and features, etc...
High density pendant lighting
for ceilings. Choose from
different styles... MORE?

Spectacular entrance tunnel
lined with LED stars...

  8 - Effects and Gobo Projections for Walls, Ceilings and Buildings
Project a moving image onto any surface to create a really interesting and vivid effect, simple yet very effective.
Moving gobo visual effect:
Cloud Projection
Moving gobo visual effect:
Sunset Projection
Moving gobo visual effect:
Water Projection
Moving gobo visual effect:
Lava Lamp
Moving gobo visual effect:
Snowflake Crystals
Sunset Projections ...MORE?
Falling Snowflake Projections ...MORE?
Cloud Projections ...MORE?
  9 - Architectural, Garden and Outdoor Lighting - enhancing all our natural beauty
Powerful flood and effects lighting for big outdoor areas, light up gardens, buildings, trees or any outdoor feature.
  Outdoor lighting that is done
professionally can be spectacular.

The features we light become our
canvas, we paint this canvas with
different colours of light, shadows
and brightnesses.

The overall finish can make your
garden, buildings or any features
into a spectacular night time
display that can enchant, excite
and amaze guests.
...architectural lighting will
enhance buildings
...turn trees into magnificent
'WOW' features
...create a 'fairytale' event
setting with the use of light
...the artistic use of light
will paint a picture of colour
and texture
Event decor, lighting, props, effects, themes, bars, dance floors, table centres, table decor, ceiling effects, chandeliers, lamps, lanterns, projections, entrances and lots more...
Event decor, lighting, effects, props
bars, furniture, dance floors
and lots more!

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Event decor, lighting, props, effects, themes, bars, dance floors, table centres, table decor, ceiling effects, chandeliers, lamps, lanterns, projections, entrances and lots more...